Thursday, August 28, 2008

There's been a veritable uproar over the lack of Owen-posts lately, so we're back with a massive photo-ridden update covering the past few weeks.

If you'll remember, Owen was last in solitude preparing to be baptized. And . . . .

It stuck! Success! Baptism administered!

There were throngs of people who arrived at our house to celebrate with us, and although sleeping quarters were a bit cramped, we were happy to have them. Owen has four (4) godparents, as we reckon he'll need. His Aunt Debbie, Uncle Aaron, Auntie ("awntee") Rachel, and Uncle Graham did a great job promising stuff. Our friend Jonathan Rundman led worship, along with Colonel Owen's Baptism Band: Josh, Graham, Nate, and Micah. Both Grandfathers were involved in the service, with Babu Rimbo preaching and Grandpa Larson baptizering. After the service, there was a huge shindig at the Rimbo place which featured, among other things, beer, meat, and the Rundmans playing Rock Band. It was such a fantastic day. And the pictures to prove it!:

Grandpas Rimbo and Larson post-service



Godparents! (l-r: Aaron, Debbie, (Owen), Graham, Rachel, Mom, and Dad)

We had houseguests off and on for about two weeks after that, including Owen's cousin Jordyn, who was a fabulous baby-holder:

It was also great to have Aunt Debbie here for an extended period of time:

(Yes, that's her arm.)

Our friends the Bredbergs also stopped by to visit with their son, Lucas, who was mildly interested in Owen, but more interested in Debbie's phone.

Angie's already started at her new school, with kids arriving on Sept. 2. So now Justin's a solo stay-at-home dad, and if he needs to get stuff done around the house, he knows there are a few places Owen loves to be:

On his Jungle-Playmat that Babu and Bibi gave him, showing off his muscles . . .

The play-gym (a gift from Unkie Chad and Aunt Jenny) -- sometimes you can hear him laughing at the toys; "Huh-huh-huh . . ."

The trusty buzzy-seat . . .

In this chair (just photo-shop the hand out) . . .

Or snuggling with the Petersons.

I think my favorite part of this past week is that Owen's started smiling responsively. After a long nap or a big poop, when he's in a particularly good mood, I'll pick him up, and he'll register my face, and make a happy noise with a big smile. One of these days I'll catch him in the act with a camera, but for now I need to remember to turn off the flash:

And now, for the first time anywhere, live video footage of Owen!: