Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Lunch With Rockstars

Yesterday (Wednesday) Owen came down with me to the Twin Cities to have lunch with the crew from It was a great turnout -- Tangled Blue, Dave Scherer, The Halulas (Nica, Wes and Charlotte!), Jonathan and Svea Rundman, Troy from Lost and Found, and Micah Taylor. I'll spare you the boring details -- suffice to say the most interesting part of the lunch (for me, anyway) was Owen.

He was absolutely cordial and well-behaved, and we got to sit at the "kids table" with Svea and Charlotte, who are adorable. I think Owen might have a baby-crush on Svea. He seemed to remember her from last weekend. About half-way through the meal, Owen looked at Svea and said ". . . ohhh!" This was cute, but then he said it again. And again. And he carried on this conversation for about 20 minutes. "ohh! Ooohhh! WhoaaaaaaahhhhH!" I think he figured out that HE was the one making these noises, and he found that fascinating.

So, for the rest of the day, whenever he was awake, he was talking. At one point I started talking with him, copying his noises, and he thought that was the best thing ever.

We also went to the Mall of America to kill some time. Turns out, the MOA doesn't have strollers available for young infants. Does this seem strange to anyone else? The largest mall in North America doesn't want people walking around with their babies unless they bring their own strollers or the kid is able to sit upright?

I find it much easier to rail against this cause than to get involved with this whole "economy collapse."

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Festival!

Hi. Owen here.

Today was a two-party day for us Rimbos, and I ain't talking about politics (thank God). First we went to the Tietjen-house for breakfast. I was very well behaved, but Mom and Dad decided we should ditch before the group headed for the apple orchard. We knew we had another party to get to, and this one? Had a camera:

We arrived at the Rundman house, and lots of my friends were there, including the Houges, Micah and Caleb Taylor, and the Lindells! When it was time for the cake-walk, Paavo and Svea's mom announced there would be a super-group providing the music. I thought they had lined up the Traveling Wilburys, but it was just my dad, Nate, Micah, and Jonathan:

I can't walk, cake or otherwise, so I hung out with mom while I enjoyed the music. Mommy looks extra-pretty today:

Just call me Ed Rex, but I looooves my mom, and spending time with her on weekends. . . . HEY! That lady's taking a picture of me!:

Hello, lady.

The best part of today was this: I thought the sky was just a little blue thing that appears in the windows of my house. But when you get outside, it's ERRVERYWHERE!!! I just took it all in, and talked, and laughed!

But all things come to an end, and soon I told my parents it was time to go home:

Big thanks to the Rundmans for hosting such a fun time, and to our friend Bethany for great pictures!

Friday, September 19, 2008

News Briefs

Some stuff that's been happening:

- Owen had his 2-month checkup. He's 15 oz. (EDIT: lbs.), and over 25 inches long!!! They charted his progress. He's in the 95th percentile for weight, and for height? Off the chart. Seriously. He wasn't matched up with any of the lines. I guess he's in the 99th percentile, since you can't be in the 100th, right?

He also got shots. Ouch! When the nurse gave him the shots, he cried for about five seconds, and then settled down. I thought he was mad at me afterward, but he eventually forgot.

- He LOVES soft blankets. I'll put one over him, and he'll get a HUGE smile on his face. Then he'll try to eat it.

- He's also sleeping like a champ. The other night he slept for 11 hours straight!!!

More pictures soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

At the Fair

Yesterday (Sunday) we took a trip to the fair with the Petersons and the Brechts. Owen was SPECTACULARLY well-behaved. He slept for the first hour or so, then woke up to smile at everyone for about 20 minutes. Then we walked around the fair and I (Daddy) tried out the Snugli harness. Owen liked it, but was still a little wary. Fortunately, Haley remembered her camera:


We decided that this was proof that Owen was at the fair. Because there's a sign in the back that says, "information."


Extra dubious.

Elijah lent Owen his hat. It was sunny!

Dad still didn't trust the Snugli entirely, but we found the assigned area for taking photos.

Owen's pretty happy about the DFL tent.