Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Imagine Christmas Wishes . . .

It's an Owen Christmas!

What's that? You want to see some Christmas-themed pictures of me, Owen Rimbo? Well, ok, but only because I'm feeling merry.

We set up our Christmas decorations a long time ago. My favorite part about Christmas is the tree. For the past month or so, I've been pointing at it saying "Tr-! Tr-!" My second favorite part? Reindeer antlers!

I opened some of my presents on Christmas Eve, before my Babu and Bibi and Aunt Debbie came to visit. Grandma Larson sent me a keyboard . . .

And Mommy and Daddy got me a guitar . . .

So I'm ready to start my own band. I also got a new bath towel, but Daddy was more interested in it than I was:

And that doesn't make noise, either. One of my favorite presents was a computer of my very own! So on Christmas morning I sat down and checked my email with Daddy.

Here's a video of me updating my Facebook status and busting a move.

On Christmas morning, we were ready for visitors. I was looking gooooood.

Before our guests arrived, I made sure I knew where all of the ornaments were, in case they asked.

But just when we were ready to have friends over, we realized that it had been snowing for three days straight! My Unkie Graham and Aunt Haley had to cancel their travel plans, so they came over to our house instead. Thank you, South Dakota, for closing your roads!

As you can see, we got outside to play in the snow and get our clothes wet. Daddy's cousin Eric came down from his farm to build us a snowman (Aunt Haley helped. It was her first snowman ever)!

It was cold outside, so we bundled up . . .

And Unkie Graham sledded down a hill with me on a shovel!

I was so excited that my family made it here safely from New York. We had a great Christmas, and I'll post some pictures of them once I find some . . .

For now, here's a montage of me trying to say "cheese" when people took pictures of me. It's harder than you think.

Success!! Merry Christmas!