Friday, June 25, 2010

Road Trip!

Right after Mama got out of school, she decided she wanted to take a long trip in the car, and she decided to take me too! Daddy stayed home from this trip, because he needed some introvert time.
First, we stopped at Gaga and Grandpa's house in Iowa for a few days. It took about 5 hours to get there- I kept very busy in the car. I slept, read some books, drew pictures, and listened to Curious George on CD. Once we got there,we had a fun time! We played with monster trucks, went shopping, and went to church on Sunday.
After church and lunch on Sunday, we took off for another state- Missouri! We met by a big river to have dinner with the Schades- our cousins on Daddy's side. Donald met me in the parking lot to show Mommy and I how to get into the restaurant.

Once we were inside, my cousin Caroline made me giggle...

Then after we were "Ah Doe"(all done) eating, Caroline and Donald showed me around a little more. I love my cousins!

After dinner, we said goodbye, and Mama and I got back in the car to go to Aunt Christi and Uncle Brandon's house. It didn't take very long to get there (Thanks to Mama's GPS. I helped her understand what it said. I told Mama "Turr Righ" and "Turr Leff" too!)

When we got there, we had lots of fun things to do. On Monday, we went to the zoo- it was pretty great, but we forgot the camera. On Wednesday, we went to this place called "Sih Flagg", which is an amusement park/waterpark in Saint Louis. I loved it!

This is my cousin Kendall, who came with me to six flags. She's six.

This is my cousin Jordyn- she came too. She's nine.
Mommy wanted to see if I liked riding rides.We tried out a few different ones, and I liked all of them except for the Scooby-Doo ride. That one was too loud. One of my favorites was the carousel. The horse went "Rou and rou" and "Uh and Doww". I thought it was great!
It was starting to get hot, and so my cousin Kendall and I decided to play in these little fountains that squrted water straight into the air. They looked like this:
Here's a live action shoot, so you can more fully understand how awesome these fountains really were.

What a fun time in Missouri! On Thursday morning, we said goodbye to Uncle Brandon, Aunt Christi, Jordyn, and Kendall. Then we got in the car again to head back to Iowa. We stayed with our friends Gail and Elijah at their seminary house in Dubuque. The next morning Elijah and I and our Mommies went to a cool river museum!
First we looked at the turtles and fish under water.

Then we learned about lizards, and played under their cage.

Then we even decided to pretend to BE lizards! Our Mommies thought we were cute.

Before Mommy and I drove back to Minnesota, Elijah and I played outside on the cool river animal toys too. We had a great time visiting the Brechts! What a fun road trip!

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Bridget Delaney said...

Lake Charles, LA has a fountain kinda like that. I've not actually gone to see it, but I've seen clips and pictures on the news and have a friend that would take his daughter there.