Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lakeside Vacation!

After driving for a few more hours, we came to Lakeside, Ohio. We were so excited for a whole week of relaxing and visiting with Babu, Bibi, and Aunt Debbie. We stayed in a cute little cottage on Sycamore Street, and were within walking distance of a coffee shop, a bike shop, a beach, and a playground. What more could you want?
Owen's first order of business was the beach.
Babu, Bibi, and Aunt Debbie came with lots of early birthday presents for Owen, and we were less than patient for the actual date. :) Here's Owen playing with some new blocks.
Speaking of birthdays, Babu's birthday was July 6th. We had a small family party, and enjoyed our time together. Owen was was excited about Babu's birthday, but was too enamored by the balloons to be vocal about it.

We even had a chance to visit with our friends the Bredbergs, who live nearby in Ohio. Lucas was almost three, and Isaiah was almost one. It had been too long since we'd seen them last, so it was great to visit.

Lucas was doing his pirate face. This picture doesn't quite do it justice. :)
It was a great week, because we had plenty of opportunities to stay busy, but nothing we were obligated to do. It was the perfect blend of busy and relaxed. Here are a few snapshots of us out and about.

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