Wednesday, June 11, 2008

T-Minus 3 weeks

Everything is hunky-dory in Rimboland. Our house is steadily filling up with baby "stuff," and Angie is steadily filling up with baby.

It feels like we're kinda ready, or at least we have the right equipment, barring a few big-ticket items here or there. But our kid won't care if we have a dresser, or a rocking chair . . . those things will come eventually if we need them. At this point we aren't avoiding any heavy lifting or exercise. To quote a certain movie, at this point, it can only help us. Bring it on, baby.

We're technically full-term, but Angie looks fabulous for a lady who's 9 months pregnant. She carries the baby so leanly and well-distributed that if you look at her from the front, it's not that obvious:

But then when she lifts up her shirt, and her husband makes kissy faces at her belly . . .

Yup. That lady's pregnant. Call the papers!

Angie's even having some practice contractions, which we call "conpractions." I guess eventually they just keep on coming, and then it's time to head to the hospital.

Speaking of which, here's my packing list:

Clothes (inc. underwear)
A copy of "East of Eden." (I hear there may be waiting involved.)
Zombie Fluxx

PLUS! Receiving blankets and some coming-home outfits for the baby. No way of knowing how big it's gonna be, so there are various sizes . . . my favorite is one from my parents that says, "I'm New Here," but it's sized at 9 mos. Seems inconsistent . . .

Now Angie's going to make her first attempt at baby-blogging. Hang on to your hats:

Hi. It's me, Angie. I hope your hats didn't get lost between those lines of text. You can probably let go of them now.

So, yep, here we are. Rimbos getting ready for our next big adventure. As Justin mentioned, our house has been taken over by mass amounts of baby stuff, and seeing as I could go into labor any time, we've got to be ready. (Although chances are, it'll be awhile..)

People keep asking me how I'm feeling. Aside from needing an afternoon nap to make it through the day, and trading in my sashay for a slight waddle, I'm physically fine. Also, I've started wearing my wedding ring on a chain around my neck rather than on my finger due to swelling fingers. It's really weird to have strangers at the grocery store see that you are pregnant and not wearing a ring and shoot you dirty looks.

Emotionally, I'm running the gambit right now. Nervous, excited, glad to be out of school, tired, terrified, and constantly lost in thought about the many transitions ahead for us. All the while, trying to stay in the present and be glad for all the blessings I have- a great community of friends, a healthy baby, a husband who is not afraid to be a dork with me, and will be a great daddy. Pretty great.

All for now. 23 days and counting until our due date. We'll keep ya posted.

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the dragonfly said...


Look what I found!! This is what happens when I google my friend's name because I can't remember the name of his band (which I remembered about the exact time I hit "enter"..but whatever).

Hooray for baby Rimbo! Can't wait to meet you..

p.s. You know me. Just call me Bob. Or Ace. But I'm not going to write my real name 'cause I don't want it connected to my secret blog-identity. :) Which means if you click over to my blog, please don't use my real name! (Or the real names of my family members..)

p.p.s. Angie, you look fabulous. :)