Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mommy and Owen's Fun Weekend

    Daddy has been out of town since last Thursday. He's visiting my friend Natalie and Unkie Chad and Aunt Jenn in Florida. So Mommy and I have been having fun and staying busy on our own!
   During the weekdays, I've been staying at Auntie Rachel's house, since Daddy usually watches me while Mommy teaches. Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bill and Auntie Rachel have been giving  me lots of attention! I love staying with them.
   On Friday after Mommy and I went home, a big package arrived from Aunt Debbie- it was my first Christmas round two! I wore my "Baby's First Christmas" pajamas in honor of this special occasion. When Mommy and I opened the pacakages, there were some fun new
 toys and new clothes! Here I am enjoying both!
On Saturday, Mom and I kindof bummed around the house. Some people might say we were just chillin'.We went to Miss Haley's house in the evening, but I just went to bed. 
On Sunday, something was different than usual here in Minnesota. There was a bright ball in the sky- Mommy said it was the sun! I guess spring IS on its way! Usually, I dress like this to go outside:
But today, I needed to wear my shades! Mommy and I even got to go for a walk to the park!

This afternoon, we went to Costco with our friends Theresa, Josh, Gail, and Elijah. It was so much fun! The cart had two seats in the front, so Elijah and I got to ride together. Here we are discussing the difference between Huggies and Costco brand diapers.
 It has been a really fun weekend with Mommy and all of our friends, but I am so excited to see Daddy again! He told Mommy that he and Unkie Chad are going to a baseball game during spring training, since all the teams practice in Florida. 
Even though Mommy and I are still in Minnesota, we're cheering for the Tigers too!

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