Sunday, March 22, 2009

When Mommies Attack!

Watch out for mommies. They will try to eat your stomach. It seems like fun until you notice you're being filmed, so you crawl over to turn the camera off. This is how it is when you're Owen.

If you are not Owen, ignore the previous memo, and just enjoy this instructional video.


Annie P said...

Thank you for these little glimpses into the life of my 2nd cousin. He's just a pure joy to watch as he discovers the world, and the audio-visual equipment, around him.
Hugs from Western Michigan!

Aaron said...

...the scariest part was I watched almost everything before Justin MOVED...NO idea that O was on your lap!

Angie, I expect dialog next time in the role of "Tummy Monster"..but adorable first run!

Send my love to the Lil' Guy!

Laura said...

Maggie loved listening to Owen laugh! :) She knows how those Mommy attacks can be....