Monday, September 1, 2008

At the Fair

Yesterday (Sunday) we took a trip to the fair with the Petersons and the Brechts. Owen was SPECTACULARLY well-behaved. He slept for the first hour or so, then woke up to smile at everyone for about 20 minutes. Then we walked around the fair and I (Daddy) tried out the Snugli harness. Owen liked it, but was still a little wary. Fortunately, Haley remembered her camera:


We decided that this was proof that Owen was at the fair. Because there's a sign in the back that says, "information."


Extra dubious.

Elijah lent Owen his hat. It was sunny!

Dad still didn't trust the Snugli entirely, but we found the assigned area for taking photos.

Owen's pretty happy about the DFL tent.

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