Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Festival!

Hi. Owen here.

Today was a two-party day for us Rimbos, and I ain't talking about politics (thank God). First we went to the Tietjen-house for breakfast. I was very well behaved, but Mom and Dad decided we should ditch before the group headed for the apple orchard. We knew we had another party to get to, and this one? Had a camera:

We arrived at the Rundman house, and lots of my friends were there, including the Houges, Micah and Caleb Taylor, and the Lindells! When it was time for the cake-walk, Paavo and Svea's mom announced there would be a super-group providing the music. I thought they had lined up the Traveling Wilburys, but it was just my dad, Nate, Micah, and Jonathan:

I can't walk, cake or otherwise, so I hung out with mom while I enjoyed the music. Mommy looks extra-pretty today:

Just call me Ed Rex, but I looooves my mom, and spending time with her on weekends. . . . HEY! That lady's taking a picture of me!:

Hello, lady.

The best part of today was this: I thought the sky was just a little blue thing that appears in the windows of my house. But when you get outside, it's ERRVERYWHERE!!! I just took it all in, and talked, and laughed!

But all things come to an end, and soon I told my parents it was time to go home:

Big thanks to the Rundmans for hosting such a fun time, and to our friend Bethany for great pictures!


Debbie said...

So glad you had a fun day, O! I love you -- can't wait to see you! (Nice Thanksgiving outfit -- too bad you'll probably be grown out of it by Thanksgiving)

Robin said...

3rd picture is a great baby - daddy comparison! Amazing!

Angie you look like a mommy model!