Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Baby Cometh

After ten months of waiting, we're going in after this baby.

Today at 7:00 we're checking in to Buffalo Hospital, and we aren't leaving until we're parents . . . or until I need to run to Target.

Angie gets something called Servadil, or whatever, and it might make her start the labor process on her own, so we have to stay there overnight (I have a book, card games, and I just bought both Bill & Ted movies for $5 on one DVD).

Tomorrow morning, either the baby's on its way, or Angie gets Pitocin, or both, and that's supposed to do the trick. So the baby's probably coming tomorrow, in which case my kid will always get free Slurpees on his/her birthday, or maybe the 12th, in which case . . . it'll be the 12th.

We'll bring this here computer along, so I'm planning on blogging once we have pictures post-viscera. Prayers are appreciated -- see you on the other side.

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the dragonfly said...

Hooray!! Prayers are coming your way..