Monday, July 14, 2008


It's a weird kind of tired -- I'm totally exhausted, but I could function for a while knowing my boy is around.

Poor Owen didn't get much sleep last night, and that means Mommy and Daddy Rimbo didn't, either. He's still learning how to latch on to milk(colostrum)-central, and we think he's getting way too much air, because he is GASSY. Of course, that could just be his genetic makeup, since I'm gassy, too, but we're looking for a practical solution instead.

The worst part is, he doesn't get it. He thinks he's hungry. So he'll cry, and we'll try to feed him, and he eats for a while, and then falls asleep, but when we put him back down, he gets uptight and the gases take over, and he cries again, wakes up and thinks he's hungry. Poor fella.

Grandma Larson is holding him now, and working out the gas - he's been farting non-stop. He's sleeping, so he's either feeling better or comforted to the point of ignorance.

Mommy and Daddy are going to let Grandma take care of him and catch up on naps. Later, the Petersons and Derek are coming up to visit.

Oh, and I love the children's albums from They Might Be Giants. Especially "One Everything" off of "Here Come The 123s".


bbmama said...

Hang in there Owen. Pretty soon you'll have mom and dad trained. You are a lucky guy to have grandma there to take care of you. Welcome Owen! We are excited to meet you!

Christi said...

Yay for grandmas who have the stamina to "work the floor" for a few hours. Make sure Ang stays off the garlic for a while. Hee!


amymdvorak said...

Hey Hunky Owen...It's Kendall...
Tell mom to run out (cuz it's good to give mommy's a break even if they are tired and nothing fits)and get some Milecon(sp?) drops from Target, they also make a generic which is just as good. There is also a natural gas drop called "gripe water" which might be at Target but is available at health food stores. Both are fantastic and almost limitless in fantastic. Oh and hey, tell mommy to lay off the baked beans and broccoli, I know I hated them before I could eat them myself. Hang in there handsome...I can't wait to meet you in person. Love Kendall (a possible arranged marriage soulmate...remember that Rimbo men like older women ;)

Party of 5 said...

Mommy Angie & Daddy Justin, your son Owen Robert is beautiful!! God is so good! Enjoy Him, oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!
Luv, Joe, Christine, Nicholas xo, Caitlyn xo & Christiana xo
PS..that weight must be in the Rimbo genes, Nicholas was 9.13..."baby moose"

Jennifer said...

Oh how I remember the daze of being tired and functioning to take care of your baby. Wait, I am still there! I won''t offer any advice because all the other comments took my tricks. All I can say is use and abuse grandparents and rest when you can. We miss you greatly and I know Chad is outrageously excited to come in August. I wish I could join him but school starts that week. I miss you and love you all! holla if you need to chat.

Jennifer said...
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Deb said...

Dear Owen, well, hopefully Gail's nursing tips are helping with the gassiness. And I, too, have heard good things about Mylecon. But just one more piece of advice from Aunt Debbie: when you aren't feeling well try asking Mommy or Daddy to stretch your legs for you -- I've found with other gassy babies that if they lay on their backs and someone gently stretches their legs back towards their heads (grab the ankles, and push gently back towards the head, like toe-touches on your back) it seems to help. Also try "bicyling" your legs over your head while lying on your back. You'll need Mommy's & Daddy's help with that one, too. Good luck, Owen! I love you & can't wait to meet you!