Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Week Old: Visitors, First Bath, and Outings!

. . . by Owen Rimbo

Man, it has been a LONG week. All sorts of stuff has been happening. I'll fill you in -- don't worry.

My Grandma came to visit this week. I'd never met her before, but she seems pretty cool. Apparently, there's a Grandpa out there (read: Iowa) too, but I'm not convinced.

Grandma liked to snuggle with me and give me attention while my mom and dad caught up on sleep. She also cleaned and cooked and stuff, but I didn't get to eat any of the food. I'm still on milk. And that's fine with me.

On Wednesday I had my first bath, and it was pretty cool. You'd think that, since I cry whenever my diaper comes off, I wouldn't like being naked, but it was great! The water was nice and warm, and it was good to get rid of all of that neck cheese.

I've also been trying out my buzzy-seat. It's this bouncy seat thing, but there's a switch on it that makes it vibrate. Whenever it's on, I zone out. Here's the face I make when my buzzy-seat is turned on:

I also got out of the house a little bit this week. I'm only a week old, and I've already been to Wal-Mart and Target! I like Target better, but that's because I'm not a big fan of Wal-Mart's tendency to threaten small businesses and communities. I do really well when I'm in my car seat in a shopping cart. The moving around pretty much knocks me out.

I also went out for a walk with my mom and dad, but it was so humid that the walk only lasted for about ten minutes. Still, it's nice to get outside. And my stroller works! On Friday, we all went up to St. Cloud to help Mommy move to a new classroom. There were a LOT of teachers there that wanted to meet me. I didn't learn much. I think I'll wait five years or so.

On Saturday, my friend Elijah and his parents came over to bring us lunch and good tidings.

Elijah and his parents.

At first, Elijah and I weren't very interested in each other. But when we switched sides . . .

Whoa! Look at that guy! He's like some sort of giant!

In this picture, Elijah is telling me a story about his Grandparents' farm.

But then he punched me in the face! Badooshhhh!!!

Daddy tried to eat my face, but Elijah fought him off.

Finally, we had a dance party. My feet are almost as big as Elijah's!

On Friday night, Grandma watched me and my parents went to see the new Batman movie in between feedings. By the end of the movie (which was nearly three hours long), they were itching to come back and see me. Can't blame 'em.

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Brechtopia said...

Seriously, that's pretty much how the fight went down. I can tell stories like my dad about the farm, and kick serious Rimbo baby butt like my mom. But Owen can pee on walls. (That's why I punched him.) Oh, I almost forgot... Owen, wait till you pee and poop through your diaper, your clothes, the sheet, the other sheet, and onto the bed. THAT'S how you do it, buddy. You'll learn soon enough.