Saturday, July 12, 2008

Owen's First Day

. . . By Owen Rimbo.

Today was my first day, and it was long. I was born very early this morning, and after that everything was all aflutter. I tried feeding with Mommy, and then they took me away to get checked out or processed or whatever. I could have told you that I was healthy, but the doctor confirmed it.

Then it was eating, sleeping, pooping, repeat. I pooped FOUR TIMES today! I'm not sure if you're interested in this information, but I'm the center of attention, it seems, so I can do what I want. I'm also really tired. Daddy thinks I'm having nightmares about certain birth canals. I also dream about roller coasters, like some of my friends do.

The cycle was broken up with my first bath, which I did NOT enjoy. Too cold!!! I like being warm and wrapped up. I don't cry often, but I'll let you know if I'm too cold. It helps keep Mommy and Daddy moving quickly with the diaper changes.

The doctor checked me out again, and he said my body temp is too low. See? What did I tell you? So they're keeping me wrapped up with a funky hat on. I make the look work.

Daddy left to take a shower at home, and on the way he talked with my Unkie Chad. They worked out a dowry for me and Natalie to get married. July 23, 2031. Save the date!

When Daddy came back, some girls came to visit me. It was my friends Rachel and Theresa! They were my first visitors. Rachel is one of my godmothers, and Theresa is my god-Methodist. They brought my Mom ice cream. They brought my dad coffee. They brought me presents, and gave me lots of attention, and took lots of pictures. It took me HOURS to figure out how to upload them. It's not the problem of using my hands, it's just that I'm not used to working with iPhoto. I still can't figure out how to rotate them in Blogger. What do you expect? I'm a newborn!

Auntie Rachel liked to hold me, but Aunt Theresa got confused by a balloon.

She eventually figured it out.

Then she got confused again.

Then the balloon took a picture of Auntie Rachel and me.

Now I'm sleeping (try wrapping your grown-up mind around THAT ONE) and Mommy and Daddy are getting ready for bed. All in all, a pretty eventful day. I'm not sure if coming out was a good decision, but a lot of other people sure think is was. Later.

- Owen.


Dawn Rundman said...

Dear Baby Owen,
Thank you for sharing your first day with the world. The Rundman family is very excited to meet you.

We have a daughter who loves babies. When she sees you she will probably squeal and declare "Baby!" several times.

We have a son who will try to teach you many, many things about Star Wars all at once.

We have a Mama who will tell your Mama that if she has any freakout moments about nursing stuff to hang in there and ignore the lactation consultants who say "should" and "don't do this" and listen to the ones who would have been helping new moms 150 years ago on the prairie.

We have a Daddy who has very good diaper changing and swaddling and burping techniques (for burping babies, not burping himself) and he will share stories with your Daddy to let him know that he's joining a brotherhood of awesome musician Lutheran dads involved in the daily care of their babies.

Please enjoy your naps, stay warm, and snuggle up with those parents of yours.

the Rundmans

T said...

whoa whoa whoa. That was a BALLOON?!? You really mean to tell me that the whole time I was whispering to Owen about the Wesley quadrilateral, outlining the Methodist book of discipline and social principles and singing Charles Wesley lullabies, it was actually to a BALLOON?!? oh man, I am the worst god-methodist ever! :)

Alex said...

Yay! Congratulations Owen on being born - we are very excited for you and know you will have a ton of fun teaching your parents all sorts of new things. Tell your mom that she's a rock star for helping you into the world - it sounds like she did awesome! Be sure to sleep lots - it will make your parents very, very happy.

We can't wait to meet you!
Alex, Jessica, Isaiah and Rebekah

Deb said...

I'm so jealous of Owen's other godmother & god-methodist! Be prepared for me to hold him 24/7 when I'm there in August! Hope you're all still doing well -- and taking advantage of every minute Grandma Larson is there! I know Babu & Bibi (?) are jealous & can't wait to help out, too, come August. Love you all!