Sunday, July 13, 2008

Homeward Bound

Well, it's been a long day, but I get the feelings the days will become much more trying than this one.

Last night Owen was really good about letting the night-nurses know he was lonely every three hours or so, so I would be sleeping hard, and then wake up halfway through a conversation with Angie and the nurses. I've never been so confused waking up as I am here -- where am I? Who's talking? Why am I sleeping on a cot-chair thing? Am I really a dad, or was that a dream? Then I'd see my little man, and have this weird rush of emotion. Then he'd eat, we'd sleep for what seemed like ten minutes, and he'd be back again.

We're glad he's a good eater -- he's also great at pooping, but we're still waiting for another pee. What's the matter? Too much information for you?

Today was a rough day for Owen -- he didn't even want to blog. When he woke up he had a checkup with his pediatrician. The doctor drew some blood from his poor little foot. Then later the nurse did a bath-demonstration for Angie and I, and he does NOT like baths. It's not so much the water as the being naked.

That's right, our child is a snuggler. He LOVES LOVES LOVES being wrapped up, especially if he gets to cuddle with Mommy or Daddy. When you take his blanket off to change him or wash him, he starts crying.

Then Owen's day took a turn for the even worse -- CIRCUMCISION! DUM DUM DUMMMMM!

Actually, it wasn't that bad -- only in theory. Apparently he slept through it, and it wore him out so much that he's been sleeping pretty much since then. About 6 hours or so. We've had a heck of a time waking him up for feedings. He inherited Angie's ability to sleep.

This afternoon we decided it was time to come home. I wish Owen was more excited to see his room and stuff, but he couldn't care less. Just sleeping. It'll probably be more exciting once he can see more than a foot in front of his face.

We took a few pictures of him in his carseat today, and he likes it a lot. I think it's the snug little straps that make him feel secure. We've received requests from blog-aficionados that we take some more pictures with his eyes open, so we'll have to do a photo shoot once he wakes up. Which will be . . . next week.

Grandma Larson also showed up today, and was pretty excited to meet her grandson. We've decided that he looks a little like his Uncle Aaron, with blond hair. But he definitely has the patented Rimbo-nose and head, so I know he's mine. That's pretty cool.


amymdvorak said...

Hurray! I am so glad to hear that baby Owen is here! I am a little disappointed that the marriage arrangement has already been taken care of. Don't you think he might like other older women like Kendall?.... I mean, if you are going for a dowry, I think she has a chance at competing, she's getting a job next week taking all of the clothes out of the laundry baskets after I fold them........;)

Nancy said...

Justin and Angie,

Congratulations on the birth of Owen - we are so excited for all of you. He is a beautiful little boy - ok maybe not so little! Angie all I can say is wow! I hurt just thinking about his size(both my girls were about 7lbs and that was big enough!) Love the name -that book is also one of my favorites. Love the blog - it is so much fun to read. Can't wait to see all of you at church soon.
Again, congratulations!
Jim, Nancy, Meghan & Caitlin McCarthy